Sunday, July 29, 2007


Here is a shot of a rose from our garden.


Blogger Shek said...

very beautiful...i have been photographing flowers too.

7/29/2007 8:08 PM  
Blogger photowannabe said...

Nice and delicate. I like the soft technique on this shot.

7/29/2007 9:22 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

That color is so soothing. Lovely Joel.

7/30/2007 2:51 PM  
Blogger Chad Oneil said...

I like the framing.

...Thanks for the movie recommendation ;)

7/30/2007 6:36 PM  
Blogger Kekiinani said...

What a beautiful rose.. I love shooting flowers but have a terrible time getting a great shot of a rose. Yours is awesome!! :) :)

7/31/2007 2:45 AM  
Blogger Carmi said...

Hi Joel. I absolutely love your photographic vision. I relate all too well to your philosophy of capturing the beauty around you with your camera.

It's immensely inspiring to see your work.

7/31/2007 4:13 PM  
Anonymous Luke said...

very nice,

7/31/2007 5:24 PM  
Blogger Ben Reynolds said...

very fruity, i like it!

8/01/2007 5:08 PM  
Anonymous Keffy said...

Doooooooode, did you water that rose? It's hot out there!

Lovely shot!

8/01/2007 11:22 PM  

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