Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snow Day

We're expecting 30cm of snow in the Greater Toronto Area over the next 24 hours. This is a shot of our street - it looks pretty nice in the snow.


Blogger AC said...

Oh sheet blanket of snow. That is a lot of the white stuff. It's too bad I have to go lay on the beach for the next 2 months.

12/15/2005 8:59 PM  
Blogger Ben Reynolds said...

Man that is one fast car that was flying by your house there..glad you got a pic of it. Did you happen to get his liscence plate #? I'm looking forward to enjoying some of that snow soon myself..nice photograph guy!

12/16/2005 12:01 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Love the blogtography! You're pretty much the best blogtographer that I know!
Seriously though, I love pics like this. You're really good at it.

12/17/2005 11:29 AM  

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